Specialty: Drums, vocals

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

First Concert: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Coming Out of Our Shells Tour" ca 1989

Favorite Concert: Slayer, Sick of it All, Meshuggah at 9:30 DC, 1998

Musical Influences: Everything from Pink Floyd to Alice in Chains, Slayer to Michael Jackson, Parliament to Suicidal Tendencies

Weapon(s) of Choice: Pearl Masters Custom Mahogany drums, Sabian cymbals, Pro Mark sticks, Shure sm58 vocal mic

Other shit we include in this section: In addition to performing with the Vico Cycle, Nick works as a personal trainer, and is studying to get credentialed to teach high school English. He's married (sorry ladies) with his first baby en route. Nick has  been singing and playing the drums since he was eleven years old.  He's formally trained, and has played in gigging/touring punk, hardcore and metal bands since he was 13 here in DC, up in Boston, and over in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having recently wrapped up a stint in a DC hardcore band, he was ready to move on to something different and spread his wings musically. Of the switch, Nick says: "It feels good to be excited about making music again! Look out for some funky new sounds!"