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'New' studio songs

Just a reminder that you can listen to our new studio demos here, as well as some random material pulled from rehearsals or performances.  Older fans will recognize some of the songs, but others will be completely new to their ears.  All material is original unless otherwise stated. (All original material was written, composed and arranged by current and/or former members of the band.)

The Cycle Keeps Rolling...

Much has gone down since our last update.  We lost an original member, as Fabrizio is moving to the bright(er) lights of New York City for a better day job than the one he had here in D.C.  The Vico Cycle will miss him, and we wish him the best of luck. However, he left us a parting gift: studio drum tracks.  We have utilized his gift to something that was frankly long overdue: we recorded studio demos!  The first two have been released on our Facebook page over the past two weeks; you can also listen to them here.  We will be releasing a couple more in the coming days/weeks.  It took us a while (and some continuity) to realize that we really needed some studio polish to give people a better demonstration of what we can do.  They aren't alum-ready, but they are light-years ahead of any previous recordings you've ever heard from us.  Go ahead and take a listen.