The Vico Cycle Keeps On Rolling

The past 12 months have been quite eventful. After a tumultuous beginning of the year for us in our individual lives, the band has emerged stronger than it's ever been.  We have a new guitarist (Zandy), new connections for gig opportunities, and a unified focus for the first time in quite some time.  We plan on providing you with the opportunity to see us play at least once a month.  

And we've already begun.  Less than two months after Zandy joined us, we played a show at the Green Island Cafe in Adams Morgan.  We were happy to see that a lot of our old fans showed up along with several new ones.  We even recorded a video of one song in the set! It's dark, but you can check that out in our Music section.

On the heels of our successful re-re-relaunch, we will be playing at Green Island again this Friday, December 5 along with AF The Naysayer and Holm.  We will be second in the lineup, so expect our set to land between 8:15 and 10.  After the holidays, it looks like bigger and better show opportunities will be coming our way in January -- so stay tuned.

Jidé, Zandy, Fab, Rod, and Josh